Scanned markets and build charts with TradingView
What is it and why
Tradingview is a handy site with charts, analytics and other articles on trading all kinds of assets. Every trader can find useful information on trading stocks, commodities, currencies and other assets.

Tradingview is an open platform where you can get the necessary information or read investment ideas or voice your own position on a particular trading asset.

The developers conceived the project as a platform for trading and analytics together with the possibility of fast communication between traders and investors. The central office is located in New York (headquarters), the central office in Europe - in London.

The site can be viewed in 18 languages. The English-language version has the largest audience.
Benefits of TradingView
Today, the TradingView platform is truly the best analytical platform that allows you to fully conduct technical analysis using all kinds of graphical tools (technical indicators, ready-made trading strategy templates, screeners and much more). Thanks to the site, traders can easily keep track of important economic news, corporate events and so on, using calendars of macroeconomic indicators and reports of major companies.

Different traders can easily connect their broker's accounts to the platform to immerse themselves in the world of stocks, futures, currency pairs, and commodities. It's easy to exchange opinions about any instrument or asset and discuss investment ideas in the chat room.

Of course, the MetaTrader trading terminal is also great for currency traders, but Tradingview is more functional and the amount of information for "technicians" and "fundamentalists" allows TradingView to remain #1 in the world.
Various tools for analysis
The left vertical panel of the Tradingview service contains the most complete graphical tools. Its main windows are:

  • Cursor.
  • Different lines - vertical, horizontal, trending, line segments, rays, etc.
  • Graphic tools - Fibonacci, Gann, etc.
  • Tools to draw any geometric figure on the chart - triangle, rectangle, ellipse and many more.
  • Window for text - captions, footnotes, price tags.
  • Window of patterns - triangles, head and shoulders, double (triple) tops (troughs), Elliot waves, cyclic lines.
  • A window that helps to control risks, visualize extrema, levels and ranges.
  • Set of icons.
Community of traders on the Trading View platform
The TradingView home page is full of materials published by traders, explaining how a certain currency pair, stock or commodity could develop. These materials can be a great starting point for new traders, because they will give you interesting insights for your trades. You can subscribe to the traders you find most interesting, so you will always be able to receive their materials. In addition, there is a system of likes and comments, just as in a standard social network. This is, for example, how comments on one of the published materials look like.

TradingView platform: comments from the publication
The menu also contains two types of chats: one for private conversations with other participants and one for public chats on almost any topic.
TradingView Indicators
Trading View has a wide range of indicators that are easily accessible to all traders using the searchable indicators button, unlike MetaTrader where you have to scroll through several folders or drop-down menus to access your preferred indicators. You can easily find an indicator on TradingView by using the search function in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the Indicators button at the top of the chart.
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